The League of Extraordinary Scholars: KappaCon 2016 aka Regional Awards is scheduled for March 3-6 at Clark State in Springfield. We are excited this year to be having a Cosplay contest and Kappa Klatch on Friday night. Come as your favorite character from anime, video games, movies or comics and join in the fun. Kappa Klatch is an open mic where your fellow Kappans can sing, dance, recite poetry, perform spoken word pieces, and just generally have fun. Due to a scheduling conflict Wittenberg has had to cancel their plans to host us for dinner, so dinner will be served at the Hollenbeck Center at Clark State.Registrations HAVE TO BE IN BY FEBRUARY 3RD so get all the information here and we'll see you there.


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The Phi Theta Kappa specialty license plate will go on sale Monday, June 8th! The cost is an additional $35.00 of the normal plate cost. The plate can be purchased for any private vehicle excluding motorcycles. If you wish to purchase the plate, all you have to do is go to your local BVM. This can be done at the time of your birthday or sooner if you do not want to wait. To get the plate mid-year, just tell the BMV that you desire the Phi Theta Kappa plate and they will assist you. You will have to pay the additional $35.00 plus a $15.00 one-time fee to get a new set of plates. The $15.00 is the normal fee anytime you want to replace an old set. You will then receive a temporary tag until your new plates come in the mail; about a week. If you wish to buy the plate online at the time of your birthday (not trading in) go to www.oplates.com and follow these instructions:

Click on special plate availability
Check passenger car and hit “continue”
Scroll down until you see the Phi Theta Kappa plate and select it
Click “continue”
Select the option from the specialty plate availability (stock plate number or specialty) and hit “continue”
Finish the check-out procedure

Enjoy your new Phi Theta Kappa license plates!

There is a flyer available for you to download and print out to hand to your members, new members, friends and family that explains the process as well as why we are doing this. You can download the flyer here.


The all new Ohio Region Leadership Manual is here! Check it out for information on Phi Theta Kappa etiquette, chapter organization, improving your public speaking skills and much more. Check it our here!


Information from the brekakout sessions at LIA are available on this page. This will be added to as we receive them.


The Ohio Region has a facebook page! Check it out and like us here!


All the up to date information on the regional scholarships is available right here. You can't win if you don't apply and there is some serious money available to deserving students.


Were you at Mini-Honors, Leadership, International, or any regional event? Did you take pictures? I am looking for more pictures to add to our Ohio Region Pictures webpage. Please send them to maestro196@sbcglobal.net.

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2014-2015 Honor Study Topic

Frontiers and the Spirit of Exploration